1. finally… after weeks of waiting… i know the name of the best character in cucumber quest.

  2. If you are still not completely sure about this project or playing a tabletop RPG in general, then please consider that on the 6FU podcast I played as a girl that managed an idol group composed entirely of birds.

    This is what kind of game Breakfast Cult and the kind of system FATE Accelerated is. 

  3. cloveochai:

    Hey! Do you like cosmic horror? Or mysteries? Or cosmic horror mysteries? But with magical girls?

    I’m helping out with one of the Breakfast Cult stretch goals where you can do that! 

    It’s a really fun project and you should check it out!

    Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled drawings of cute dresses, but this is ending in a week!

    I got a chance to play the game on Six Feats Under as a guest player and I can now  say from firsthand experience that this game is an absolute delight. With a couple of quirky and innovative mechanics up its sleeve it turned out to be the perfect game to play online over Skype and a tabletop client.

    It definitely won’t be ready by Halloween, but please consider giving it a look if you want to have some fun with your internet friends by making ridiculous anime characters and then listening to your GM describe how all they all die! It’s fun I swear!

  4. the the climax of my fairy project was when rose finally had her wedding, but i wasn’t able to finish the scene before the deadline. so now im sitting on a pile of everyone’s bridesmaids dresses…

  5. some accumulated twitter doodles: my ff14 character as a viera boy, disproportional kimbra, my old dungeon world character.

  6. had a nice, relaxing figure session monday night! people looked at me funny when i broke out the gouache halfway through a drawing workshop but i love working with it too much to care.

  7. it’s….  it’s caewaiisar’s brand new oc……..

  8. hey chika, how’s it goin’.

  9. some of these guys when they’re all grown up

  10. had my first figure class in months yesterday. gotta shake off some rust.